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Silver Wings Loft Reduction Sale

October 4, 2018

John and I have been raising and racing our birds for thirty years together, he has been doing this since he was a child. John has carefully selected and bred birds for the rich middle distance futurity races in the past fifteen years or so, since it has become more and more difficult to drive out for local training. We have still been able to enjoy our passion, while not having the stress of flying in the local clubs.

While living in Alaska, our birds stayed in the money earning John quite a reputation. I’ve lost track of those races; that was way back in the ’90s. But his breeding program has improved. And now we are back in Texas and once again competing in futurities. For a while the birds did pretty well, so John decided it was time to bring in the ‘big guns’ and buy some really top birds. This season, 2018-2019, will tell that story.

This past year has been very difficult as John’s health has declined. He is now in a long-term care facility, but it is my hope that his ailments improve and he is able to come home. Until then, He has asked me to do what he has never done before, offer some of his birds for sale.

Since this will be only one page attached to my author website, I invite you to scroll down through the birds we have available. This will change often as I improve my photography skills and get better at listing. I will also post updates from time to time.

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The Pigeons:

The first group of pigeons to be offered will be from Blindman Janssen, Houbin, and Meuleman birds. I will have more photos and pedigrees listed very soon. Keep checking back. I will also try to get better with my photography. This is literally my first shot! Thanks!

IMG_1120 (2)


AU HOT 6918

This nice Houbin cock does have a pearl eye, good throat, great pear-shaped body.