Critique, Edits, and Opinions

I have lately read some awesome stories, or rather, potentially awesome stories that actually hurt my heart.

I see an enormous need for very inexpensive edits.

Having self published both with and without the help of workshops, critique partners, and editors, I can see the difference. I can also identify with the frustration of having non-judgemental and honest, neutral opinions and help with this.

No one has the dollars or time to pay an editor for an early critique or overview of a book. A professional edit for a 50K manuscript can cost between $250 and $500 or even more. I had to bypass a bid for $900 to edit my 90K novel.

There are solutions. Online critique groups. I’ve been a member of The Next Big Writer for a few years and I cannot say enough about them. The premium cost is $14.95 quarterly. That’s about $5.00/month. They also have a great free subscription, but I recommend paying for premium.

I’ve used Critique Circle. They have a free trial, and a low cost, but they have a long waiting queue for your manuscript.

And you can Google for more.

Editors of every sort can be found on Google as well.


My qualifications for doing this work: BS from Tarleton State University in Stephenville Texas and a teaching degree in reading and science. Decades of reading and writing. Lots and lots of conferences and workshops. And a little bit of real experience.

Here is what I will offer:

I will read through your book as if I’m reading a novel off the shelf. As I go, I will highlight areas of concern, color coded for spelling or wrong words, repetitions or logic errors (timeline mistakes), plot errors that I notice, and character or setting deficiencies.

I will use ‘track changes’ and ‘comments’ in Word.doc only.

I will not do work over 150K. I will not do erotic or graphic violence and no senseless abuse of any sort.

I will work in almost any genre.

I will give you a 1-5 page sample free of charge so you can see my style.

For an introductory fee, I will only charge .50 (that’s fifty cents) per 250 word page, 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced, one inch margins, with a $20 minimum. I take PayPal and I can invoice you.

I am able to read a 30K manuscript in one day, so you can expect quick results. And I am not judgemental. I will never tell you I don’t like your work, and I won’t say you need to go back to school! (Yes I’ve had those responses.) For a fact, I respect your hard work and courage to come this far and everyone deserves to know how they’re doing.

Please note, I will not give you an all conclusive, error free, line or copy edit. Nor will I give you an all inclusive, error free proofread.

What I offer is an overview and my opinion of content, plot, word choice, character, and setting. I will do this so you can make the choice to do more revising and know which way you might want to go. You are in no way obligated to follow my advice.

Find the contact form here. I’d love to work with you.

Write On!