Midnight, The Black Pony and His Books

the mountain
The Superstition Mountains of Arizona

Midnight really lived, quite a few years ago, in the shadow of the magnificent Superstition Mountains of Arizona. He was a Welch cross, but no one seemed to know much about his breeding. Maybe he was part mustang. Back in those days, plenty of wild horses roamed the range. And it really was open range back then. We used to be able to ride out of the back yard toward the mountains and never run into a fence. Life is good when you are twelve years old and have a magical pony.


The original Midnight

No, he wasn’t short for his breed, I was tall for my age. At twelve, I was already 5’5″ and growing. No, I didn’t always ride in shorts and tennis shoes. Mom was just always wanting to take a picture. This was taken for the brand new bridle we got for my birthday. Of course there’s nothing in the world like feeling a pony under you. I rarely used a saddle. Never had much time or use for so much leather between me and my pony. And I seemed to be able to sense what he was trying to tell me so much easier while riding bareback. And he did teach me so very much.

Of course I learned about horses from books and asking questions. I also learned from my grandfather. But some things can only be taught through experience.


The Black Pony Cover Front
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The first of my books is based on my experiences with Midnight, and a few other horses thrown in for variety. Most of the places truly existed. The names are changed to protect the innocent. Or rather to keep me out of more trouble. All of these adventures happened at one time or another, and all were enjoyed with a horse who loved me. But it all started with Midnight.

In The Black Pony, Annie is the new kid in school and Midnight has been passed over by his owners in favor of taller, faster horses. Annie longs for real friendship and only wants to fit in. Midnight knows he still has much to give. When they first meet, it could be for the last time. Midnight is in trouble and could die from colic. But Annie remembers the lessons of her grandfather and knows how to save him. In return Midnight is happy to teach Annie about the fun games of barrel racing and pole bending in gymkhanas, also known as play days in some parts of the country.

“Hold tight to my mane and we will win these games.”


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Book Two, Midnight and The Racehorse.

Set in the very real Turf Paradise horse racing track in Phoenix, Arizona, along with the amazing city in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains, Apache Junction, Midnight and Annie must come to the rescue of an ailing racehorse.

The champion racing Arab, Govad, has suddenly turned mean. Not just mean, but vicious. Is it because the farm’s pony, thirty year old Oakie, has passed away. All the horses at Desert Wind Farm miss the horse who led them onto the track and kept them company, so it’s no wonder that Govad misses him the most. Afterall they were best friends and barn-mates.

Owners Joe and Lorrie Weston must make the heartbreaking decision to destroy the beautiful horse before he injures or kills someone. Then one day, Joe notices a black pony which could be the twin brother of Oakie and tries to purchase the black pony, but he’s not for sale. So Joe does the next best thing; he hires Annie and Midnight to help calm the big horse. Can Annie convince the adults that Midnight has learned what’s causing Govad so much agony before it’s too late?


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Book Three, Legend of The Superstition Gold

Annie and Midnight are invited to go on an overnight trail ride in the Superstition Mountains. Annie can hardly wait and she researches everything she can find about the Lost Dutchman Gold and all the legends surrounding it. But Midnight’s special ability to not only communicate with other animals, but also communicate with Annie puts them in extreme danger. Too late she learns, the legends are true and she has become one of the many who have gone missing, never to be seen or heard from again.

But Annie has something all those other missing people never had. Midnight and a very special gift, passed down from her grandfather. But returning from the lost takes more than courage and trust.


The adventure continues. Belt Buckles and Tiaras

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Savannah Conway has it all; wealth, beauty, and the best horses money can buy. She dreams of training her new Quarter Horse, but her mother fears for her safety. And famous-movie-star Mom¬†positively can’t stand all the dust, dirt, and smell associated with horses.

Tempers flare when Savannah’s mother pushes her harder and harder to win beauty pageants on the long, hard road to Miss Arizona Outstanding Teen all the way up to the coveted title of Miss America. Things could not get any worse, then Savannah meets dark-haired cowboy, James Stanton. Her mother will tolerate no more.

Help comes from the most unlikely place in the world, plain jane Annie Beck and her remarkable black pony. But is it too late for Savannah to mend her rapidly deteriorating family?

You can see a preview of The Black Pony books at The Black Pony Books on Weebly


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