How I Beat My Slump

wilted flower

Sometimes I get into a slump. Not a funk, mind you, just a slump. I just stop doing a lot of the things I love to do because I’m tired. Not tired of those things, just tired. I need to give my poor old brain cells a little break.

Why? I’m not sure. Maybe I’ve put so much on my plate that I’m overwhelmed. Maybe as I near the end of a big project a part of me goes into a panic mode because it thinks I won’t have anything else to do once this enormous project is finished. Maybe I’m just physically tired from mentally working.

Maybe it’s the heat.

I’m sure you’ve all been there.

I’ve been in one of those slumps for more than a couple of months. And it’s starting to get serious.

The trouble with being in a slump is that the slumpiness often builds on itself. First the project gets piled up and backlogged and you begin to feel a measure of frustration knowing full well that every day you don’t work on it adds another day to the finish time. DishesAnd because you know that you shouldn’t work on another project until that one is completed, you begin to put off the rest of the tasks on your list. Then you begin to feel guilty for neglecting the project and you hope that you don’t lose your inspiration which created the project in the first place. These can lead to all sorts of horrible nasty things like depression or anxiety, and even lead you to neglect important projects, like mowing and washing dishes. And those chores can just snowball like crazy and you find yourself on the downhill side of a roaring avalanche of all things bad.

Oh, yeah. And don’t ever say it can’t get any worse!

But then there comes renewal in the form of a young person just starting her journey in writing. I volunteered to be an ‘editor’ for a friend’s summer class where she meets with a group of teens interested in learning the writing process. If all goes well, they might publish a collection of short stories. The story selected for me (at random) turned out to be outstanding! Of course the first read-through I stumbled on the obvious errors in punctuation, but upon deeper study of the story itself, it was golden!

In reading this short story, written by someone just entering high school, I remembered the absolute exhilaration I experienced when I was a young writer. I remembered the trepidation in my soul when I sent my first manuscript to a magazine. And I remembered unmeasurable joy the first time I had an article accepted!

Then I remembered why I love to write. Either that, or my brain cells finally recuperated from finishing my fantasy, which started out as sci-fi. And it started out to be YA, but turned into crossover. And it topped out at nearly 80K. Most of all, it is really out there in wierdsville! It’s so weird I may not ever be able to sell it.

Anyway, I digress. Because of this hopeful writer, I’m back at my desk and dusting off a new project. I still have a bunch on my To-Do list, but they will be happily waiting until I get to them.

So, worry not when you feel a bit ‘slumpy’. You’ll get back to it one way or another. Better yet, share your skill and experience with someone just starting out. The rewards of Jewel cover photomentorship simply cannot be measured.

And if you are in the least bit curious about my way-out-there novel, take a look at Wattpad. I’ll be posting two or three chapters a week to see how the public reacts.

Would you fight  to save your home – against all odds?



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