Introducing LOTUS

LotusA shy young woman, embarks on the trip of a lifetime, a trip few can even hope to dream about. Newly married to a man whom both of their parents agreed upon, she is about to start a new life in the promised land of America. It has all been arranged and carefully planned, right down to where she is to live. But the streets of San Francisco are not paved with gold.

Chan-lei was raised with high values, educated, and suffered no want. But indeed, she does want more. Her heart’s desire is for a higher education and a career, not just be a dutiful wife and mother of their coming child. Of course she cares for her hard-working husband. In her heart she knows she is married for life, but until she met the blue-eyed stranger, she never considered the need or desire for the tingles of infatuation, or the beat in her heart of deep-felt love.

But through the eyes of beauty, evil sometimes gazes upon the unsuspecting and vulnerable.

With the experience of a career as a paralegal in a criminal law firm, Shirley Nolan weaves a thrilling tale of one of the most sinister crime waves in the history of the world. Human trafficking. LOTUS is set in beautiful San Francisco in the late 1980s – just before the deadliest earthquake in California. This is a book which should be read by every man and woman in America and especially teens. Evil targets the young, but not just beautiful girls; boys are at risk as well.

Currently Ms. Nolan is working on the sequel to LOTUS. In VIOLET, Chan-lei cannot shake the image of the ‘lost girls’ from her mind. Now an attorney working for her best friend’s father, and the man who helped convict her captors five years ago, she begins to work in her spare time, investigating cold cases of missing girls. One case in particular haunts her. A young Korean girl named Violet.

Ms. Nolan has partnered with The Beloved Haven and donates ten percent of all sales to help restore women to health and safety after their rescue from human trafficking. Join us in support of this beautiful organization. Find out more at

And I invite you to follow Shirley Nolan on Twitter and on her website.

You can find LOTUS on Amazon and Barns and Noble and download on Kindle.

But you may not have to actually pay money for this awesome book. For a very limited time  you can download LOTUS on Kindle free. Hurry because this offer is only available from July 27 to July 31. Click here to find out how you can get your free book!


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