Introducing Ignite!

Once again I have the honor of sharing the amazing talent of my friend Tracy Lawson. Today she launches the third volume in her Resistance Series.  And to celebrate this new release, she is offering a giveaway. That’s right, free books!

Ignite (2)

The Greatest Risk Is To Take No Risk At All.

Nationwide food shortages have sparked civil unrest, and the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense’s hold on the people is slipping. The Resistance’s efforts to hasten the OCSD’s demise have resulted in disaster, with Tommy Bailey and Careen Catecher taking the blame for the ill-fated mission in OP-439.

Both teens struggle to survive the circumstances that force them into the national spotlight—and this time, they’re on opposite sides… Read more on Amazon

If you enjoy thrillers like DIVERGENT or HUNGER GAMES, this series is a must. In fact – in my humble opinion – this story is more satisfying to read, faster paced, and most of all could very well be happening as we speak! Do we really know if we can trust the government, the CDC, any of them? Would you submit to mandatory medication to protect yourself from some hidden, airborne attack? Think carefully before you laugh this off!

I met author Tracy Lawson at a book fair a few years ago. She was excited to be offering her first novel, COUNTERACT. With my mind full of my own table of pony stories, I casually picked up her book and flipped through it. Of course I’d read HUNGER GAMES, but I was only mildly curious. After all, I read and write horse stories. This just wasn’t really my genre.

Until, that is, I read the back cover. “…Compliance is a small price to pay…”

Chills covered my body and rebellion rose in my chest like a volcano. I bought the book right then. When I got home and finally had a minute to read, I stormed through it in just a day. Well, a day and into the night. I simply couldn’t put it down.

How could people become so duped by a government bent on control? Then I read the headlines on the news.

When the second book came out, RESIST, I ordered my copy right away. Again I was immersed as I watch Tommy and Careen rip away the shrouds of secrecy and lies which are blinding them. And I fought with them as they try to take on the most powerful government in the world. Just two teens who will not comply!

I eagerly awaited this day and can hardly wait to order my copy of IGNITE. But while I impatiently wait for my book, I wonder and hope – ‘When is the next one coming?’

And I anxiously look over my shoulder, wondering how closely ‘Big Brother’ might be watching…

No kidding. You must read these books! But don’t fret, If you hurry, you won’t have to purchase all three.

Tracy Lawson is, indeed, an author worth reading. And I truly can’t wait to see what she creates next.

I invite you to follow her on Twitter and connect with her on FaceBook. And for Heaven’s Sake, visit her website and find out how to receive your free books! Just click on the image below.




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