Change is a four letter word

I’m sitting in a workshop today and at this point of the event, my brain has melted. I suppose that’s why they scheduled it to end just about now – the extent of learning new material is five hours.

The object of the workshop, getting the most out of WordPress – which as you already know – I use. But this class teaches me how to host my own domain (or something like that) I have a 100+ page study guide to go along with this workshop, which I will likely use to death as soon as my brain recovers. And the end result will be a more professional and more functional website.

The problem – I don’t do change very well.

Decades ago I started out with Geocities. When they went down I tried something I don’t remember. (obviously it didn’t work or I was far too stressed to remember it). Several years later I started with BlogSpot. I love it.

Then it took years to grow into Weebly.

Then as I matured as a writer (I’m still an infant here) I followed my writerly friends into WordPress. What I’m saying is that it takes a looooonnnnngggg time for me to wrap my brain around something new.

I’ll likely learn something new, however I think I’ll stick with what I have for a while.

Basically, I don’t do change. 😦

P.S. I never move furniture either.



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