Author Go Round, Miracle Austin

Miracle is an awesome writer with a juicy, scary story. I’m happy to have her as a guest. Here’s her personal interview.

Miracle Austin: Tell me about yourself?

I work in the social work world by day and the writer’s world at night and weekends. I’m a YA/NA Cross-Genre author; adults also enjoy my works.

I’ve been writing ever since first hearing Drive by The Cars in junior high, which has been one of her biggest inspirations. I rediscovered my writing passion, recently. My first mini-story, PENS, appeared in

Horror/suspense are my favorite genres, but not limited to. I enjoy writing diverse flashes, short stories, and longer works, while threading various social awareness themes into my stories, at times.

Doll will be my first debut YA/NA Paranormal novel, which was released on CreateSpace and Amazon on 2-14-16—available both in paperback and ebook.

Boundless will be my second debut work, which will be a YA/NA eclectic short story collection; it will release in the summer.

I’m currently working on future works and reside in Texas with my family.


Could you explain what horror refers to?

 I believe that horror is anything feared, whether internally or externally, by anyone. There are the traditional monsters—werewolves, vampires, and etc–, and the creative ones made up. The there are the human ones that may live next door to you, and the invisible ones that so many deal with daily, whether its personal illness and/or mental disorders.

What books did you read as a child?

Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Series, Charlotte’s Web, A Separate Piece, Scarlett Letter, The Lord of the Flies, Freckle Juice, Frankenstein, Of Mice and Men, Grim Fairy Tales, To Kill a Mockingbird, Romeo and Juliet, and others.

I learnt from online that Stephen King’s writing has had greater impact on your writing. Could you tell us anything about Stephen King?

Oh, my, yes he surely has. I could tell you so much about Mr. Stephen King, but I will keep it short and sweet.

Mr. Stephen King so rocks!! I must say the one of many things that I admire about Mr. King is his extreme, writing ranges. I’m so captivated by his works, especially his short stories.

Mr. King’s short stories opened the door for me to start writing shorts. If you’ve never read any of King’s short stories, then I so encourage you to try one or more. His horror levels are multi. I so recommend two off the top of my head, “The Man Who Loved Flowers” and the “Last Rung.”

What are your future literary ambitions?

I would love to write full-time, but until then, I continue to work in the social work world by day and writer’s world night and weekends. Plus, I attend book festivals and Comic Cons, when I can. Love to meet people…

Tell me about your new book, Doll:


Doll is a YA/NA paranormal novel. Doll was never suppose to be a novel, only a short story for adults. I started writing it to distract me from the postponed publishing of my first collection, Boundless.


Doll transformed. It started out as 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 12,000, 15,000, 18,000, 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, 45,000, and then over 52,000 words.


The characters took over and Doll was created.


Doll is a story about a mean girl who torments three outcasts, one in particular.

The three outcasts decide to band together in an untraditional way to give the mean girl a taste of her own medicine. However, things don’t always turn out the way wish, so be careful what you wish for

How did you come up with the idea for Doll?

My mom, who has shared other ideas with me for other stories and future ones, told me a story about something that happened years ago with a friend. I absorbed all the information and created my characters.

I recall a publisher, several months ago, sharing how Boundless was geared more towards YA/NA crowd, plus I love the YA/NA world, so I changed my main adult characters to teens.

 Where can you purchase Doll?

 On both CreateSpace and Amazon. See Amazon links below

Here is the link to your paperback:

Here is the link to your ebook:


What are your favorite pastimes, other than writing?

 I love attending all types of movies (Marvel/DC Fangirl, by the way) and watching Netflix.

I enjoy creating playlists that inspire some of my stories and enjoy attending diverse book festivals and comic cons, where I’ve been so honored to be one of the panelists on some.

I’ll be a featured author and a panelist at the upcoming Teen Book Fest by the Bay in Corpus Christie, Texas on 2-20-16. I’m so honored and excited to be part of. This will be my first teen book festival.

The highlights of attending the above functions include opportunities to hang out with great author friends and meet new authors/readers.

I also enjoy collaborating with my amazing colleagues on YAAR (Young Adult Author Rendezvous), an author group, on Facebook. I’ve learned a lot from some amazing authors and the founder, Patrick Hodges. They have all been so helpful in various ways.

Finally, where can read readers connect with you?

Feel free to contact me anytime and follow me on all the social media outlets.

I enjoy communicating with her readers.


FaceBook: Miracle Austin Author

Twitter: @MiracleAustin7

InstaGram: MiracleAustin7




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