Still want to write a book?

from brain to paper to hard drive
from brain to paper to hard drive

The last time I sat down here to write, I drew a blank. Today is a little bit better – I doubled up on my vitamins! Today’s task: a bit of blogging and a bit of revising on my mid grade work in progress. And a letter for my husband (yeah, I’m an under-appreciated secretary in my spare time) And if I finish this, I’ll load up my horse and head for the local arena for some training, that is after I hang the clothes on the line, fix lunch, and wash the dishes – and take care of the rest of the critters!

Ah, the life of a writer!

But, we’re really working on that story burning inside waiting to be magically turned into a book. Where to start. Okay, I said that before, but I know how intimidating a blank page can be.

Ideas come from all over the place. And if your mind works in other worldly realms, ideas can come from outer space. Start by writing what ever comes to mind. Set a picture, or a doll, or something like it, on your desk and talk to it. Or you can listen to a beloved story teller. Many of my stories have their roots in the verbal accounts of flying fire bombers told by my father and his co-workers. I also used to love to sit in the corner of the tack room at Red Mountain Guest Ranch in Mesa and listen to the old cowboys. Great stuff. If you can, record those beautiful stories and use that for your idea bank. Stories come from everywhere, if you know where to look.

But you still have to sit down with pencil and paper and get it out. I’m not sure where I’d be without my spiral notebook, or the beautiful, leather bound journal given to me by a friend. It’s still the best way to start.

You want to write a book? Then write.

And share your ideas. I’d love to hear from you.


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