Still figuring things out, but practicing every day

typewriterI can’t believe how difficult it is for me to learn a new program. I went to college and everything, but technology seems to have passed me by. I remember the days of typewriters – and burning through reams of paper because of one error – and injuring the pinkie finger because that ‘a’ key is so dang stiff – and refilling the ink ribbon – and trying to realign the paper after you’ve white-outed a dumb typo – and having to retype the whole thing because you missed a word or decided to change a line. Well, yea, there’s that too. Maybe I just don’t have that particular gene in my DNA.

Oh well, growth can be painful, but one will either learn and grow, or remain static and wither.

And it’s the same with writing. It is a perishable skill. Do it daily. Read daily. Sit in your happy place and listen to the muse, then write a little bit more. No one said it’s easy, but when you feel the words bubbling just below your skin, let them out. Then share, polish, rewrite, and eventually publish.

But the key is to do it daily. You didn’t learn how to walk by sitting in your highchair. Sure you may have toppled over a few times and maybe even scratched up your knees a bit. But you got better with practice and in no time you were flying with the wind.

One day I’ll be able to open a program and fly right through it.

And one day I’ll be able to walk into a bookstore and see my own masterpiece on the shelf.

Keep at it.


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